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Relationship Selling — Why?

Many business owners, and many people who need to sell as part of their job frequently fail to realize that they don’t just sell their offering. They don’t just sell their products and services.

The most basic thing a person sells is himself (or herself).

This ties back into that primary tenet of multi-touch marketing: that people like to buy from people they know, like, and trust.

In the first secret key to successful marketing, which states that the most basic element to increasing sales is to increase the number of interactions with the prospect, we have a working guideline for how to increase your sales.

What do you say?

But what are you going to do? What are you going to say in those increased interactions with your prospects? [Read more…]

How I Went from Failure to Success

[In this article you will learn about a simple and powerful three-step process that will make all your advertising more effective in the future, and you will discover how to begin thinking about Automatic Selling Systems and how you might specifically transform your sales and your life.]


Hi, this is Arthur Cronos, with Voltos Automatic Selling Systems.

Many years ago, I got fed up with working for other folks. My thinking was kind of dumb-simple, but it was along the lines of —

“If I work for someone else, then the money he takes in goes to me and also to him. But if I work just for myself then all the money goes to me.”

That’s not much of a plan, but that was the plan I had.

After some analysis, I decided to start a bookkeeping business, and you can read the (somewhat silly) story about that here: Adventures of Bloggard: The Simple Simon Bookkeeping Business

But how well did it work?
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The R-4 Business Growth Model

As briefly described in an earlier article, the R-4 Business Growth model satisfies the condition of the Third Secret Key to Successful Marketing, which states:

It is supremely useful to have a simple and powerful business growth model, which you can use to map out what needs to be done.

(It is called the ‘R-4’ system purely as a memory aid, because each of the levels is labeled with a word beginning with the letter ‘R,’ as in R-eputation, R-each, R-esell, and R-eferral.)

A pyramid with four levels

By improving any one of these four levels, annual income improvements of 25% become possible. And improving more than one of these levels has a compounding effect.

It is graphed as a pyramid because you must have a strong lowest level, because upon that base the higher levels can be based. The lowest, most basic level is “R-eputation.”

Here’s how it works … [Read more…]

The Third Secret Key to Successful Sales

Secret key number three is that …

It is supremely helpful to possess a simple and powerful business role model, in order to map out what needs to be done.

(And from this simple model, we can engineer Automatic Selling Systems that exactly fit your business and your customers.)

The “R-4” Business Growth Model

This business growth model, consisting of four levels, is a graph providing an overview of what needs to be done. And therefore,it is supremely useful because it allows us to map out what needs to be done.

And how does it work? [Read more…]

The Second Secret Key to Successful Sales

There are three secret keys to successful sales and marketing. The first secret key is that the most basic element to increasing sales is to increase the number of interactions with the prospect.

Secret Key Number Two

There is not enough time in the day to chat endlessly with prospects or to chase them. After all, you have a business to run. This takes time. And your existing clients deserve your very best attention, right?

So how do you increase the number of interactions with new prospects, without wasting a lot of time, and without abandoning your existing clients, and without neglecting the running of your business?

The answer: [Read more…]