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Get Your Video Ranked Quickly – the Simplest Tactics

There’s no point in creating a video just to have it languish in the search results where no one finds it. Getting your videos to rank well in YouTube and Google doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be done quickly if you know how.

So let’s look at 5 tips for Video SEO you may not be using.

5 Easy Tips for Video SEO

cd-newsletter-november-14-article-1Making a good video – Good videos are probably the best video SEO you can perform, and the benefits of having a video that is popular are tremendous. If you have the ability to make a better video, do it. (And if not, then the video you CAN do is better than no video at all.)

Use specific keywords – Do some keyword research for your videos just like you would for an article. Aim at keywords that are receiving least 300 requests a month, and be sure you use them in the title, description, tags and filename, among other places.

Optimize titles and descriptions – Using the aforementioned keywords in these is paramount, in addition to being sure to include any links you’d like people to visit at the beginning of your description, plus the YouTube video link at the end. This is so that if anyone uses your content, you’ll be linked back to.

Get social signals – A major part of ranking videos these days is the presence of social signals. Shares, views, embeds, channel subscribes and comments all play a large part in where your video ends up. Do not artificially inflate these with fake views and comments, as the fakes can be discovered and will hurt your cause.

Backlinks – Most times doing the above steps is enough to get you the rankings you desire, but sometimes it will be hard to rank a video without acquiring some backlinks. The better links and more legitimate they are the better, and this can help energize your rankings fast.

Yeah, these are simple. But most people overlook them. If you’ll take a few minutes to ensure you’ve covered the bases, your videos will always rank better.


Want to know more? The folks over at Backlinko have an expanded guide.
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More Sales and Easier Sales by Using Smart Testimonials and Reviews

How to Use your Clients to Boost your Sales

If you were the prospect, and the sales rep said, “Our company is wonderful!” wouldn’t you maybe think:  “Yeah, right!”

Because it makes you immediately suspicious, doesn’t it?

But what if, while you were looking up the company’s phone number, so you could call them, you saw they had five stars on their listing in Google, and (just for curiosity) you went to look at their reviews, and this customer in Des Moines said (in a review), “Wow this company is wonderful! They did this, and they did that, and they’re just wonderful!”

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How to Succeed in Business — Only 4 Key Steps Needed

Essential4StepsToBusinessSuccessWhether your business succeeds … or struggles and fails … depends upon only a handful of steps. If you succeed with them you will first survive, and then grow. We can easily present each of these in the form of a simple question. If you can say “Yes” you will succeed. Just that simple.

There is a fifth step which will make you wealthy, but before we get to that —

  1.  First, the question: “Can you Economically reach an Adequate Number of Likely prospects?”
    When you begin to think about what this means, you will be thinking about the sentence backwards. For example, you will strive to clearly identify exactly who are these prospects who are Likely? (Sometimes these people are called your target market.) And then …

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