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If You had Great SEO, What Would it Look Like on Google?

Several people have recently asked me, “What does it look like on Google, when you have Great SEO?” and they also ask “What’s the difference between your “personal” SEO, and¬†your “company” SEO?”

The simplest thing is just to show you, and show you what it looks like, and show you the difference between your personal branding and how you want to show up in search results, and how your company should appear for the services and products you offer.

How SEO Works —
Personal Brand vs. Business Brand

Now your situation might be a little different, and you’re welcome to call us here at Voltos Marketing Systems if you have further questions, but I’m guessing that this very short video will make this clear. Whew! One more marketing mystery made simple! ūüôā

So press the play button, and prepare to have a clear picture in your mind of how your company, and you personally, will look like when you’re properly listed in the search engines. ¬†(And, to put your mind at ease, one¬†doesn’t have to do any google hanky-panky to get these results.)

Hope you enjoy it!

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A Christmas Gift for Your Business — the Front Page of Google

SEO Ranking for Your Business -- what a Present!

Your Business Is Getting a Christmas Present!

Our company has grown very nicely this year. And we’d like to send a great big “Thank You!” to everyone who helped us along the way — our clients, the people who inquired about our services, and even the folks who simply gave us encouragement.

As the helmsman of your company, have you let yourself and your people down with lack-luster growth this year? If so, read every word on this page, because we intend to help you get the growth you want in the New Year.

Because¬†we’ve got a business-building Christmas Gift for everyone who claims it in time! (Value $1000)

Get Yourself on the First Page of Google

Here’s how it works —

  1. You donate $19 to Toys for Tots before December 25, 2014   (http://toysfortots.org)
  2. The U.S. Marines will make sure your gift finds a small child who really needs a toy this Christmas.
  3. And Voltos (that’s us) will get your business listed on the front page of Google for one keyword term. (Value $1000)

If you haven’t got around to doing the work you know you need to for¬†your business to be found on Google, you don’t need to feel embarrassed. We can help, because we know you love your business. And now¬†is¬†the time to start, because Google already¬†controls over 80% of the people who are searching to find you, and Google also controls whether your new customers will come to YOUR website … or go to your competition.

So imagine feeling a deep sign of relief. And imagine for a moment the pride you’ll feel when you do a search and see your business — at last! — on the first page of Google!

Guarantee — Double Your Money Refund if We Fail

I am so certain of success that if we fail to place you on the first page of Google, then I will personally refund DOUBLE¬†that Toys For Tots donation that you made. And that means … [Read more…]