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Have you Noticed the Revolution?

Let’s start with basics — We humans are primates, and primates are more pack animals than solitary hunters.

That means we like to hang out together.

This also means that, with few exceptions, your average prospect feels more comfortable, feels reassured, when he is operating in a way that other humans (in his tribe) approve.

It’s not a criticism. Just how we are.

And that becomes your opportunity.


“Computer Screen” Communities

In our over-communicated age, when the average job means spending a lot of time alone, often in front of a computer screen, it’s natural that a “computer-screen” community would evolve. Social organisms evolve to fit changing needs; we see it over and over again as time passes.

Today’s most popular “on screen” communities are Facebook, Linked-In, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus. And every one of these gives you the opportunity to create a tribe.

Actually, it’s easier than creating. You can simply invite the people who are already there. Do it right, and they will come.

They become your tribe.

And when a tribe-member sees that another tribe-member praises you, it’s really good for you. Did you know that consumer polls show that 72% of the population regards an on-line recommendation as being as trustworthy as a recommendation from friends and family?


Amazing Facts!

Click the play button, and prepare to be surprised by the POWER of social media …


Multi-Touch Marketing

The average person buys something after seven to twelve “touches.” Your on-line tribal connection affords you the opportunity to provide those twelve touches really easily. More touches, more sales.

It’s just that simple.

And if you don’t know how to become a tribal leader in this brave new on-screen universe, no worries.

That’s where Automatic Selling Systems comes in.

You rang?


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We’re the experts in marketing them.

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