The One Thing

“How to Get More Success, Better Focus, and Less Distraction, Even If You Felt Like a Scatterbrained Monkey In The Past”

What are the hassles, the things that worry business-owners in the fitness industry?

Common concerns are —

  • How to Get More New Members?
  • How to Handle Staff and Staff Problems?
  • How to Deal with Competition?
  • The High Overhead Expense!
  • How to Juggle Time and Money?
  • How to Feel Less Stressed?
  • How to Have Greater Success?

Among business owners, we aren’t alone in this. But it sure can be a tightrope, and it sure can be uncomfortable. A friend of mine, after struggling to expand rapidly for several years, finally attained his goal. I congratulated him. He nodded.

“Yeah,” he said, “Except that all that time I felt like I was being [Read more…]