If You had Great SEO, What Would it Look Like on Google?

Several people have recently asked me, “What does it look like on Google, when you have Great SEO?” and they also ask “What’s the difference between your “personal” SEO, and¬†your “company” SEO?”

The simplest thing is just to show you, and show you what it looks like, and show you the difference between your personal branding and how you want to show up in search results, and how your company should appear for the services and products you offer.

How SEO Works —
Personal Brand vs. Business Brand

Now your situation might be a little different, and you’re welcome to call us here at Voltos Marketing Systems if you have further questions, but I’m guessing that this very short video will make this clear. Whew! One more marketing mystery made simple! ūüôā

So press the play button, and prepare to have a clear picture in your mind of how your company, and you personally, will look like when you’re properly listed in the search engines. ¬†(And, to put your mind at ease, one¬†doesn’t have to do any google hanky-panky to get these results.)

Hope you enjoy it!

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Get Your Video Ranked Quickly – the Simplest Tactics

There’s no point in creating a video just to have it languish in the search results where no one finds it. Getting your videos to rank well in YouTube and Google doesn’t have to be difficult. It¬†can be done quickly if you know how.

So¬†let’s look at 5 tips for Video SEO you may not be using.

5 Easy Tips for Video SEO

cd-newsletter-november-14-article-1Making a good video РGood videos are probably the best video SEO you can perform, and the benefits of having a video that is popular are tremendous. If you have the ability to make a better video, do it. (And if not, then the video you CAN do is better than no video at all.)

Use specific keywords –¬†Do some keyword research for your videos just like you would for an article. Aim at¬†keywords that are receiving least 300 requests a month, and be sure you use them in the title, description, tags and filename, among other places.

Optimize titles and descriptions – Using the aforementioned keywords in these is paramount, in addition to being sure to include any links you’d like people to visit at the beginning of your description, plus the YouTube video link at the end. This is so that if anyone uses your content, you’ll be linked back to.

Get social signals РA major part of ranking videos these days is the presence of social signals. Shares, views, embeds, channel subscribes and comments all play a large part in where your video ends up. Do not artificially inflate these with fake views and comments, as the fakes can be discovered and will hurt your cause.

Backlinks – Most times doing the above steps is enough to get you the rankings you desire, but sometimes it will be hard to rank a video without acquiring some backlinks. The better links and more legitimate they are the better, and this can help energize your rankings fast.

Yeah, these are simple. But most people overlook them. If you’ll take a few minutes to ensure you’ve covered the bases, your videos will always rank better.


Want to know more? The folks over at Backlinko have an expanded guide.
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Sex, Drugs, Rock&Roll, and Television … and Video Advertisements

Medford, Oregon, September 11, 2014 — Back in my hippie days, I copied my cooler peers, as we all said “Sex, Drugs, and Rock&Roll,” as if this was really funny. Actually, I didn’t even like Rock&Roll that much, but you know how we young folks copy our friends.

Turns out, Sex, Drugs, and Rock&Roll all have something in common. They all release the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. Some people say it’s a “pleasure” transmitter, but it’s not quite that simple. It sort of wakes us up, and it’s an important part of how our bodies and minds function.

And you know what else releases dopamine? Eating. And Video Games and Television.


Here we see the most “natural” activities which trigger dopamine release. As you can see, eating or sex trigger large spikes in dopamine, which creates a mild “high.” Some of the feelings of satisfaction you have experienced … [Read more…]

Is it a USP? Is it a Video? Is it Brilliant? Yes!

YouTube, September 7, 2014 —¬† Brilliant advertisement from Swedish furniture giant IKEA goes viral on YouTube, with astounding re-positioning of their catalog as a hilarious spoof of Apple product-introduction style video.

Unique Sales Proposition

To grow and florish, a business needs to step outside the price-competition and selling on price as a commodity, and become something “different” in the prospect’s mind. Usually called a “USP,” for “Unique Sales Proposition,” we normally think of the primary USP for the company overall. (For example, Apple’s “Think Different,” or Coca-Cola’s “It’s the Real Thing,” or Federal Express’s “When it Absolutely, Positively Needs to Be There Overnight.”

And businesses often struggle to see a new way to view their business, focusing perhaps on a niche audience, and featuring one single part of their business that appeals to their target audience. For example, Domino Pizza stores were all originally adjacent to college campuses, and so Dominos focused solely and completely on speed of delivery, and their company USP became marketing history, taking them from a single store to a major US player in the pizza niche in only a few years. Their USP? “Pizza, fresh and hot, delivered to your door in 30 minutes or it’s free.”

Marketing Piece as a Valuable Product

However, your sales can blossom if you create a USP for every product your company produces. An in this case, Ikea focused on their catalog. Normally we think of a printed catalog as a marketing channel — and it is — but realizing that a printed catalog has an inherent value in itself that people enjoy, Ikea thought of creating a USP for the catalog itself: ¬†The “BookBook.” And presenting it as analogue, in good humor, enabled Ikea to hold our attention while it quickly summarized all the things that people enjoy in a printed catalog.

The Power of Video Marketing

Video is, apparently, the most powerful marketing channel. It invokes more senses — vision, audio, and the images move with the power of both words and music streaming into the conscious and unconscious mind of the viewer. Further, flickering lights release dopamine in the brain which produces a mild “high,” creating further conditioning to watch television/videos. And we’ve all been so conditioned for decades. Done right, we can’t look away.

With this careful repositioning of the catalog as a desirable product, embedded in the power of a well-done video which found a way to catalog the virtues of a printed book, well …

Admit it. You might or might not be an Ikea-type customer, but at the end, didn’t you — at least a little — want one of those cool catalogs, yourself? ūüôā

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New! Customer-Review Commercials for Video Marketing

August 9, 2014, Medford Oregon — Voltos Marketing Engineers announces availability of new “Customer Review” Professional Video Commercials, at affordable pricing. In recent years, one’s reputation in Internet Time could make or break a company almost overnight.

video marketing reputation marketing growthGoogle has responded to the customer trend toward using online reviews as a primary buying method. In fact, according to studies by Bright and by Nielson, 70% to 72% of people surveyed reported that they trusted online reviews as much as recommendation from family or friends, even more than editorial content in newspapers.

Accordingly, Google has adapted to the trend, and now publishes star ratings on Google Plus pages, and in search results displays star ratings of its own, those from Yelp, and other online third-party review sites. These star ratings affect which site is chosen by searchers, and in fact Google now includes star ratings as one of the factors for how well (or poorly) they will display your site in search results. And that’s not all … [Read more…]