How I Went from Failure to Success

[In this article you will learn about a simple and powerful three-step process that will make all your advertising more effective in the future, and you will discover how to begin thinking about Automatic Selling Systems and how you might specifically transform your sales and your life.]


Hi, this is Arthur Cronos, with Voltos Automatic Selling Systems.

Many years ago, I got fed up with working for other folks. My thinking was kind of dumb-simple, but it was along the lines of —

“If I work for someone else, then the money he takes in goes to me and also to him. But if I work just for myself then all the money goes to me.”

That’s not much of a plan, but that was the plan I had.

After some analysis, I decided to start a bookkeeping business, and you can read the (somewhat silly) story about that here: Adventures of Bloggard: The Simple Simon Bookkeeping Business

But how well did it work?


It Didn’t Work All That Great

That was OK, because I didn’t need much money. But basically, to start the business I put up ONE poster in ONE location.

This is majorly dumb, against all odds, but I suppose God looks out for fools, because …

As luck would have it, somebody called, and then hired me.

And then I joined a local hippie organization called the Briarpatch Network, there in San Francisco, and I had enough  business for my modest needs.

But when I wanted more, I opened first a poster-distribution company in San Francisco, and then an Answering Service, and I had to learn about marketing.

I read and studied. The poster-distribution business taught me — by looking at thousands of posters on bulletin boards — how to make a poster that would stand out, and I formulated my first formula.

And oddly enough, this turns out to be A POWERFUL RECIPE for creating any kind of effective advertising. Here’s the formula …


How to Make an Effective Poster

An effective poster must do these three things:

  1. Catch their eyes
  2. Hook their interest
  3. Tell them what to do next

The principles are simple. Learning how to do those three things has been a lifetime study since that time.


Springboard off the Poster Service

But because I ran this simple kind of advertising service, I had essentially free advertising for my next venture. And I used the same principles to design my first yellow-page display advertisement. Yellow-pages works pretty good for Answering Services, so that worked too.

But from then on I had to study.

I read books and books and books. I wrote this and that and the other. Employee manuals, brochures, business cards, posterboard copy, spoken sales scripts, a free give-away book, and quite a lot more.

Over the years, my business grew, and I learned to do new kinds of writing and advertising, and helped other people with their writing and advertising.


Forty Years Later

Next thing you know, dozens of companies and thousands of writing projects later, somehow we crossed over to the local-business neighborhood advertising mentality to the internet age.

We were the first answering service to build a website in San Francisco, the first detective agency to use email.

And on it went.


But a Website Isn’t Enough

Here’s what’s wrong: At first, any old kind of website worked fine. People went there, you were the only one, and they called up and bought your products. Simple. Easy.

But that didn’t last.

And for a number of years, the websites we built worked less and less and less as time went on.

Because an “online brochure” was no longer enough.

The key essential?

There was a missing ingredient: email capture.

Why is this important?


How to Turbo-charge Sales Ten-fold and Beyond …

On a website, you need to change that one-time visit into an ongoing conversation. There are many ways this can be done, but one of the most basic ways is to start by using email capture.


Because it changes that one-time visitor into an ongoing conversation. And this simple action will hugely multiply your sales. Remember:

The First Secret Key to Successful SalesIt’s so simple, because the very most basic element to increasing sales is to increase the number of interactions with the prospect.

So how to take advantage of this simple and powerful online marketing fact?

One real easy way is to offer some sort of goodie to the visitor, and gain permission to follow up with ongoing email communications. No, it’s not as good as face-to-face, but remember:

The Second Secret Key to Successful SalesThere is not enough time in the day to chat endlessly with prospects or chase them. Because you have a business to run, and your existing clients deserve your attention. Therefore, prospect interactions must become automated

Yes, you want to share what you know with people. It’s natural. And email gives you an ongoing way to automatically share your expertise. Because a mechanic is an expert on cars, a florist an expert on flowers, and you are an expert in your field, so anyone with an interest will find your knowledge helpful, if you’ll just take time to share.


Email Gives you an Automatic Way to Share

For the full details on how *you* can use email capture to increase your web-response ten times or more, or to discuss the larger question of how you could have a complete Automatic Selling System with a number of ways to bring you income around the clock all automatically, just request a telephone visit, and perhaps a marketing audit.

We don’t work with everyone, but I guarantee that you will come away from any visit knowing more than before.

You can learn in days what took us years to learn.

And what you can learn is:  “What works?”

Now either call us up .. or .. stay tuned.


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