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Secret Key Number One

Successful marketing in today’s world starts with the simple concept of “Multi-Touch Marketing.” The most basic element to increasing sales is to increase the number of interactions with the prospect.

Secret Key Number Two

There is not enough time in the day to chat endlessly with prospects or chase them. Because you have a business to run, and your existing clients deserve your attention. Therefore, attracting prospects and creating multi-touch interactions must be automated. And that’s where Automatic Selling Systems becomes important. Because nothing else can do the job.

Secret Key Number Three

It is extremely helpful to possess a simple and powerful Business Growth Model, in order to map out what needs to be done. Because from this simple model, we can engineer Automatic Selling Systems that exactly fit your business and your customers.

And we’re in luck. Here is a simple and powerful Business Growth Model —


The “R-4” Business Growth Model

R4 Business-Growth Model - 20130619revA - 640px

The Four Levels of Increasing Sales

We call this the “R-4” model as a simple way to remember the four levels of operation which can enhance your sales.

And we must work from the bottom up, because each level on this “sales pyramid” is the support on which the next-higher level relies to become effective.

  1. R-eputation — If your reputation is not sound, that is to say, if people do not have a good reason or feeling that they should trust you, then you’re not in a good position to make sales, which is the main thrust of the activities at the next higher level.
    Simple example: Do you want to be the “used car salesman” … or “the doctor?”
    To enhance reputation, we can engineer Automatic Selling Systems to do the work, while you simply concentrate on running your business.
  2. R-each — “If you wish to grow, more people must hear about you today than heard about you yesterday.” And you extend your reach out into the universe to find new prospects, by using all the online and traditional methods of advertising.The more you extend your reach, the more people will hear about you and think about you, and your opportunities to create selling opportunities begin to multiply.
    And how shall we extend your reach? Simple: by using Automatic Selling Systems.
  3. R-esell — Once you have an existing body of customers, the most profitable thing you can do is to increase the buying of your offerings by those existing customers.You can do this with add-on sales, by raising prices, by creating new and additional offerings, creating larger packages, and by increasing the frequency with which your customers buy.
    And how shall we create these expanding sales? By using Automatic Selling Systems.
  4. R-eferral — If your customers have a good experience, some of them will say something nice. Maybe to you. Maybe to somebody else. But what if we actively solicited referrals (automatically) from our existing customers? And then followed up (automatically), as part of your Automatic Selling Systems? Would that create more sales? You bet.
    NOTE — And do you see how these new R-eferrals lead seamlessly into further enhancing your R-eputation?


25 percent growth

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