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Arthur Cronos
From the Desk of Arthur Cronos
“An Endless Stream of New Business”
River House, Medford, Southern Oregon


Hi, Arthur Cronos here, chief marketing engineer for Voltos Systems.

What can a Marketing Engineer do for you?

I take the mystery out of marketing for business, and create automatic marketing systems for endless, repeating sales.

If this sounds good to you, you’re in the right place, for improving your business, your income, and your peace of mind. For example …

  • Need a website remodel? Or want to turn your “pretty boy” website into a website that SELLS?
  • More sales from yesterday’s forgotten heroes, transformed into powerful workhouses for today’s world: direct mail, print newsletters, consumer reports for your customers
  • Today’s new stars, cutting through the clutter to what creates sales: facebook, video, email magic, reputation management
  • Plus powerful methods others never knew, like active referral programs to get endless leads from your customers, and even from people who have never bought from you
  • Tired of shelling out for advertising that gives nothing in return? We can fix that.
  • Call me today and inquire about getting a PROFIT MAXIMIZER AUDIT for your business

Automatic Selling Systems for YOUR Business

As an author on Amazon, and a consultant to hundreds of successful businesses over the years, I can assure you that the concept of “Automatic Selling Systems” is not new. Many of the world’s largest companies have utilized sales automation for decades. Do you think their annual revenues are an accident?

It’s no accident. And now, you can have access to the same power.

I look forward to working with you, to transform your business, and your life.

— Arthur Cronos, Chief Marketing Engineer
“I Help Businesses create Automatic Marketing Systems for Endless, Repeating Sales.”

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What we Bring to Your Company …

  1. We provide reliable lead generation for your business.
  2. Fully managed service.
  3. You get more leads, more sales, more customers. more income.


Who Are We?

We’re marketers. And web guys. And sales dudes. And psychologists.

Voltos Automatic Selling Systems is the culmination of decades of real-world marketing and online-selling experience, from before the introduction of computers and the internet, up to the most advanced selling methods for reaching today’s online-oriented prospect.

  • From a small band of marketers who wanted to take the pain and frustration out of the selling experience, the automatic selling systems approach has gradually become the “fresh breath of air” solution for over-taxed business owners across the nation.
  • Providing outsourced fully-managed selling methods for your business, using automated tools previously available only to the largest companies.

We’re focused on growing your business. In fact, we designed our company from the ground up to make the most of your time and money.


The Voltos Team

  • Arthur Cronos, Chief Marketing Engineer
  • Nikolas Allen, Design Consultant
  • Fran Kennedy, Sales Psychology Consultant
  • Advisory: Judy Mabua, Online Marketing Systems
  • Advisory: Mike Cooch, Sales Methodology
  • Advisory: Jim Armstrong, Lead Generation Methods
  • Advisory: Vin Gupta, Data Mining Expert
  • Advisory: Ed Downes, Sales Automation
  • Advisory: Andrew White, Automation Software Methods
  • Staff: Tobor, Prexie, Greg, Glaysa, and Anthony, Production Specialists


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