The One Thing

“How to Get More Success, Better Focus, and Less Distraction, Even If You Felt Like a Scatterbrained Monkey In The Past”

What are the hassles, the things that worry business-owners in the fitness industry?

Common concerns are —

  • How to Get More New Members?
  • How to Handle Staff and Staff Problems?
  • How to Deal with Competition?
  • The High Overhead Expense!
  • How to Juggle Time and Money?
  • How to Feel Less Stressed?
  • How to Have Greater Success?

Among business owners, we aren’t alone in this. But it sure can be a tightrope, and it sure can be uncomfortable. A friend of mine, after struggling to expand rapidly for several years, finally attained his goal. I congratulated him. He nodded.

“Yeah,” he said, “Except that all that time I felt like I was being [Read more…]

Upcoming “Creating an Unstoppable Business” Course

=============== 4/04/2016

Recently I reached out to many of our subscribers to mention that I’m teach a class at Southern Oregon University through the OLLI program, about the concise principles to build an “Unstoppable Busienss.”

I know that many folks live too far away from Medford Oregon to attend in person, but I’m hoping to capture podcasts and materials to share this with everyone who has struggled with growing their business.

Here is the welcome message I’m sending to the registered students, to give a better idea of what will be provided in this focused training. Hope you find it interesting —


“Thank you for enlisting into our ‘unstoppable business’ class!”

You know, many of us have in the past built highly “stoppable” businesses; that is, we were following a dream or an idea, but the business … just didn’t take off. It faltered. It got stopped.

Well, good news. In this quick-learning class, in eight focused sections, you will discover the answers to make your business unstoppable.


Now although we’ve not met yet, I suspect I know some of the thoughts that may go through your head …

  • First, you have a dream, perhaps a vision, of what you wish your endeavor to become. And so first — whether this is your first attempt ever to create a business, whether your business is intended to be large or small, or whether you’ve encountered hazards along the way before — I assure you that you CAN create a business, and a strong one, just by attending these eight meetings, because you will be given access to the information that most people never possess, as you will see for yourself.
  • Perhaps you, or someone you know, once struggled to create a viable business and it wasn’t so easy, but that’s not surprising. It’s not because true, accurate, and reliable information doesn’t exist, but that good and useful information is unfortunately buried in a blizzard of opinions, courses, contradictions, and complications that make it near-impossible for any sensible human to sift through the hurricane of conflicting approaches, and to extract the few, workable steps needed to simply get the job done.
  • You can also set aside any worries or concerns that you might not be able to do it, or that it might be yet-another stupid “write a business plan” blather-course or some kind of abstract generalities. It’s not. I’ve seen those — done those — and we won’t waste any time like that. This will be hands-on, step by step work together to solve the glaring problem that all struggling businesses share — the ability to create a constant and reliable supply of new clients/customers.
  • In the past, you’ve probably had the experience of hearing someone carrying on in a complicated manner about some subject that you already know, and you KNEW it wasn’t so complicated as what they were claiming. And you probably have suspected that much of the marketing, grow-your-business, so-called “training” available these days is either useless, or a thinly-disguised cover to sell you something, probably something unneeded. And you know what? You were right. And we won’t have to wade through any of that in this course.
  • And finally, if you have any scoffers in your family, your friends, or people you knew in the past, and they’ve been less than supportive that you can reach for your dream and attain it, you’re going to gain an almost unfair advantage, so in the end, you’ll have the final chuckle, because your business can prosper, can grow, can be what you want … and all it takes to master these steps is to show up, pay attention, and then work on your business.

I think you will have fun, and you’ll come away with the tools you need to grow your business. Just that simple.

What should you bring?  Important — Bring note-taking materials. If you have a portable tablet or laptop computer, you may also want to bring that; you may find it useful now and then. The one ESSENTIAL is to show up.

That’s all there is to it. I’m looking forward to meeting you at our first meeting, this week on Wednesday April 6th, at 1pm, at the SOU/RCC Medford Higher Education Center, room 321.


Bring your note-taking materials, be ready to see two approaches you’ve never seen before, and be prepared to have fun building an unstoppable business!

Best wishes,
— Arthur Cronos

CLICK HERE for Course Description and Meeting Times

PPS:  And my direct contact information is here …

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“How to Create an Endless Stream of New Clients”
Voltos Plaza * 1209 Siskiyou Blvd, Medford OR 97504
http://Voltos.com  *   (541) 201-2003
On Amazon: http://voltos.us/ENDLESS


BIOGRAPHY — Arthur Cronos has a bachelor’s in psychology and has completed post-graduate work and many courses in electronics, sales, writing, and hypnotherapy and other therapies. He has created a dozen businesses and worked with hundreds of clients helping them with their systems, sales training, and marketing. He has won awards, been the featured speaker at state and national trade shows, holds two patents, is mentioned in the first two Guerilla Marketing books, and has written eight books of his own. For 5-6 more pages of info, Google his name.

Can You Build an Unstoppable Business?

Medford, Oregon March 15, 2016: Over 40 years, gosh, I’ve seen effective marketing change. In my own businesses, we’ve gone from newspaper ads and yellow pages to search engines and facebook ads, and other things even more esoteric.

The principles stay the same, but how to use the new “Mediums” is a moving target, hard for most people to keep up with the change.


After extracting the essentials of “What Works” in today’s world, I’m offering a quick-learning class at the Medford University of Southern Oregon, through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) program. Free to OLLI members, and joining OLLI is easy.

This 8-week “cheat-sheet” business-expansion training is called “How to Build an Unstoppable Business.”


See here — http://olli.sou.edu/olliatsou/course/course.aspx?C=1000&pc=61

Course begins Wednesday, April 6, at 1pm.

Soon I’ll provide an overview of what you’ll discover in this course, and how it will make your sales process strong, automatic, and reliable, month after month.

Till then, best wishes,

— Arthur

PS: My Amazon best-seller “Get Endless New Clients,” is recommended for the course, $29.95 print or $4 kindle.

See it here — http://voltos.us/ENDLESS

PPS: Many of you may be too far from Medford to attend, so I will attempt to record the sessions and provide the training in a series of podcasts.

If You had Great SEO, What Would it Look Like on Google?

Several people have recently asked me, “What does it look like on Google, when you have Great SEO?” and they also ask “What’s the difference between your “personal” SEO, and your “company” SEO?”

The simplest thing is just to show you, and show you what it looks like, and show you the difference between your personal branding and how you want to show up in search results, and how your company should appear for the services and products you offer.

How SEO Works —
Personal Brand vs. Business Brand

Now your situation might be a little different, and you’re welcome to call us here at Voltos Marketing Systems if you have further questions, but I’m guessing that this very short video will make this clear. Whew! One more marketing mystery made simple! 🙂

So press the play button, and prepare to have a clear picture in your mind of how your company, and you personally, will look like when you’re properly listed in the search engines.  (And, to put your mind at ease, one doesn’t have to do any google hanky-panky to get these results.)

Hope you enjoy it!

You got questions? We got answers?




A Christmas Gift for Your Business — the Front Page of Google

SEO Ranking for Your Business -- what a Present!

Your Business Is Getting a Christmas Present!

Our company has grown very nicely this year. And we’d like to send a great big “Thank You!” to everyone who helped us along the way — our clients, the people who inquired about our services, and even the folks who simply gave us encouragement.

As the helmsman of your company, have you let yourself and your people down with lack-luster growth this year? If so, read every word on this page, because we intend to help you get the growth you want in the New Year.

Because we’ve got a business-building Christmas Gift for everyone who claims it in time! (Value $1000)

Get Yourself on the First Page of Google

Here’s how it works —

  1. You donate $19 to Toys for Tots before December 25, 2014   (http://toysfortots.org)
  2. The U.S. Marines will make sure your gift finds a small child who really needs a toy this Christmas.
  3. And Voltos (that’s us) will get your business listed on the front page of Google for one keyword term. (Value $1000)

If you haven’t got around to doing the work you know you need to for your business to be found on Google, you don’t need to feel embarrassed. We can help, because we know you love your business. And now is the time to start, because Google already controls over 80% of the people who are searching to find you, and Google also controls whether your new customers will come to YOUR website … or go to your competition.

So imagine feeling a deep sign of relief. And imagine for a moment the pride you’ll feel when you do a search and see your business — at last! — on the first page of Google!

Guarantee — Double Your Money Refund if We Fail

I am so certain of success that if we fail to place you on the first page of Google, then I will personally refund DOUBLE that Toys For Tots donation that you made. And that means … [Read more…]

Get Your Video Ranked Quickly – the Simplest Tactics

There’s no point in creating a video just to have it languish in the search results where no one finds it. Getting your videos to rank well in YouTube and Google doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be done quickly if you know how.

So let’s look at 5 tips for Video SEO you may not be using.

5 Easy Tips for Video SEO

cd-newsletter-november-14-article-1Making a good video – Good videos are probably the best video SEO you can perform, and the benefits of having a video that is popular are tremendous. If you have the ability to make a better video, do it. (And if not, then the video you CAN do is better than no video at all.)

Use specific keywords – Do some keyword research for your videos just like you would for an article. Aim at keywords that are receiving least 300 requests a month, and be sure you use them in the title, description, tags and filename, among other places.

Optimize titles and descriptions – Using the aforementioned keywords in these is paramount, in addition to being sure to include any links you’d like people to visit at the beginning of your description, plus the YouTube video link at the end. This is so that if anyone uses your content, you’ll be linked back to.

Get social signals – A major part of ranking videos these days is the presence of social signals. Shares, views, embeds, channel subscribes and comments all play a large part in where your video ends up. Do not artificially inflate these with fake views and comments, as the fakes can be discovered and will hurt your cause.

Backlinks – Most times doing the above steps is enough to get you the rankings you desire, but sometimes it will be hard to rank a video without acquiring some backlinks. The better links and more legitimate they are the better, and this can help energize your rankings fast.

Yeah, these are simple. But most people overlook them. If you’ll take a few minutes to ensure you’ve covered the bases, your videos will always rank better.


Want to know more? The folks over at Backlinko have an expanded guide.
CLICK HERE for Expanded Do-It-Yourself Video-Ranking Guide.


Want Help with Video Marketing?
Want Google-Dominating Videos?


More Sales and Easier Sales by Using Smart Testimonials and Reviews

How to Use your Clients to Boost your Sales

If you were the prospect, and the sales rep said, “Our company is wonderful!” wouldn’t you maybe think:  “Yeah, right!”

Because it makes you immediately suspicious, doesn’t it?

But what if, while you were looking up the company’s phone number, so you could call them, you saw they had five stars on their listing in Google, and (just for curiosity) you went to look at their reviews, and this customer in Des Moines said (in a review), “Wow this company is wonderful! They did this, and they did that, and they’re just wonderful!”

Suddenly, it’s another story, because … [Read more…]

How to Succeed in Business — Only 4 Key Steps Needed

Essential4StepsToBusinessSuccessWhether your business succeeds … or struggles and fails … depends upon only a handful of steps. If you succeed with them you will first survive, and then grow. We can easily present each of these in the form of a simple question. If you can say “Yes” you will succeed. Just that simple.

There is a fifth step which will make you wealthy, but before we get to that —

  1.  First, the question: “Can you Economically reach an Adequate Number of Likely prospects?”
    When you begin to think about what this means, you will be thinking about the sentence backwards. For example, you will strive to clearly identify exactly who are these prospects who are Likely? (Sometimes these people are called your target market.) And then …

    . [Read more…]

Use the Pipeline Selling View for Faster Business Growth

Medford, Oregon, September 27, 2014 — For years I’ve heard Dan Kennedy say that Marketing *IS* the business, and determines your growth, and that what your business actually does or produces is “just the deliverable.”

BlueGraphAnd this made sense because being in business means trading your product for money. And therefore the part where you get the money is at least half the business.

Many Entrepreneurs Ignore Marketing. Oops!

But I’ve noticed that many entrepreneurs focus only on production — the auto mechanic goes into business himself so he can work on cars, the baker starts a business so he can bake — but though their work may be superlative, the world does not beat a path to their doorway, and they wonder why. It’s obviously because they ignore the half of their business which creates the money. (Perhaps they ignore it intentionally, hoping that the pesky problem of marketing will go away if they ignore it.)

And just this week, I had the epiphany that made it all so clear. Just look at this picture — [Read more…]

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