Is it a USP? Is it a Video? Is it Brilliant? Yes!

YouTube, September 7, 2014 —  Brilliant advertisement from Swedish furniture giant IKEA goes viral on YouTube, with astounding re-positioning of their catalog as a hilarious spoof of Apple product-introduction style video.

Unique Sales Proposition

To grow and florish, a business needs to step outside the price-competition and selling on price as a commodity, and become something “different” in the prospect’s mind. Usually called a “USP,” for “Unique Sales Proposition,” we normally think of the primary USP for the company overall. (For example, Apple’s “Think Different,” or Coca-Cola’s “It’s the Real Thing,” or Federal Express’s “When it Absolutely, Positively Needs to Be There Overnight.”

And businesses often struggle to see a new way to view their business, focusing perhaps on a niche audience, and featuring one single part of their business that appeals to their target audience. For example, Domino Pizza stores were all originally adjacent to college campuses, and so Dominos focused solely and completely on speed of delivery, and their company USP became marketing history, taking them from a single store to a major US player in the pizza niche in only a few years. Their USP? “Pizza, fresh and hot, delivered to your door in 30 minutes or it’s free.”

Marketing Piece as a Valuable Product

However, your sales can blossom if you create a USP for every product your company produces. An in this case, Ikea focused on their catalog. Normally we think of a printed catalog as a marketing channel — and it is — but realizing that a printed catalog has an inherent value in itself that people enjoy, Ikea thought of creating a USP for the catalog itself:  The “BookBook.” And presenting it as analogue, in good humor, enabled Ikea to hold our attention while it quickly summarized all the things that people enjoy in a printed catalog.

The Power of Video Marketing

Video is, apparently, the most powerful marketing channel. It invokes more senses — vision, audio, and the images move with the power of both words and music streaming into the conscious and unconscious mind of the viewer. Further, flickering lights release dopamine in the brain which produces a mild “high,” creating further conditioning to watch television/videos. And we’ve all been so conditioned for decades. Done right, we can’t look away.

With this careful repositioning of the catalog as a desirable product, embedded in the power of a well-done video which found a way to catalog the virtues of a printed book, well …

Admit it. You might or might not be an Ikea-type customer, but at the end, didn’t you — at least a little — want one of those cool catalogs, yourself? 🙂

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Does Internet Advertising Work?

August 22, 2014, Medford, Oregon — My friend Dennis sent me news of an article printed in The Atlantic, which raises an interesting question. He said …

Dear Arthur,

If the Atlantic runs this, it should be sound.

“The Internet was supposed to tell us which ads work and which ads don’t. But instead it’s flooded consumers’ brains with reviews, comments, and other digital data that has diluted the power of advertising altogether.” Read more —

Dennis Briskin
The Friendly Ghostwriter (http://catalystcreative.us)
Say it right. Get results.

Flawed Thinking

Does Internet Advertising Work?

Does Internet Advertising Work?

Lots of flaws in the Atlantic article’s logic, but an interesting read. People who have made hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars, with “direct response” advertising — who measure response to any kind of ad, and tweak it till it works — probably know more about “what works” than this particular journalist, interpreting this particular study. (Much like the diet studies published all the time, contradicting each other, and great grist for an article whenever a controversial finding is suggested, no matter how poor the study.)

Here’s a key point though —

“There’s reason to wonder whether all advertising—online and off—is losing its persuasive punch. Itamar Simonson and Emanuel Rosen, the authors of the new book Absolute Value, have an elegant theory about the weakened state of brands in the information age.” And that means … [Read more…]

New! Customer-Review Commercials for Video Marketing

August 9, 2014, Medford Oregon — Voltos Marketing Engineers announces availability of new “Customer Review” Professional Video Commercials, at affordable pricing. In recent years, one’s reputation in Internet Time could make or break a company almost overnight.

video marketing reputation marketing growthGoogle has responded to the customer trend toward using online reviews as a primary buying method. In fact, according to studies by Bright and by Nielson, 70% to 72% of people surveyed reported that they trusted online reviews as much as recommendation from family or friends, even more than editorial content in newspapers.

Accordingly, Google has adapted to the trend, and now publishes star ratings on Google Plus pages, and in search results displays star ratings of its own, those from Yelp, and other online third-party review sites. These star ratings affect which site is chosen by searchers, and in fact Google now includes star ratings as one of the factors for how well (or poorly) they will display your site in search results. And that’s not all … [Read more…]

New Book — How to Get Endless New Clients

[adapted with permission from the Adventures of Bloggard at http://bloggard.com]

Medford, Oregon, April 7, 2014 — Arthur Cronos’s new ‘how-to’ marketing book published on Amazon, 296 pages, available in print and Kindle e-book editions …

Get Endless New Clients

“How to Build an Automatic Selling Machine to Ensure Business Growth and Cash Flow”

BookImage-EndlessNewClients-TAS-3D-312x350-wShadow-revA-267x300The death of a dream … and awakening …

How many men and women awoke one day with a bright dream, a dream of their own business, something they could pour their heart and soul into, something they could trust, and bring something good to the world.

And how it might grow, and the warm sensation of pride deep inside, and a hope that someday, a legacy, something to change the world, if only a little.

But slowly, the dream twisted and darkening into something ominous, deepening into worry and pain, unhappy visions of something lost, grinding down the days. You’re expert at your business, so why these endless days of alarm and trouble, sleepless nights, and where did the dream go?

[Read more…]

Relationship Selling — Why?

Many business owners, and many people who need to sell as part of their job frequently fail to realize that they don’t just sell their offering. They don’t just sell their products and services.

The most basic thing a person sells is himself (or herself).

This ties back into that primary tenet of multi-touch marketing: that people like to buy from people they know, like, and trust.

In the first secret key to successful marketing, which states that the most basic element to increasing sales is to increase the number of interactions with the prospect, we have a working guideline for how to increase your sales.

What do you say?

But what are you going to do? What are you going to say in those increased interactions with your prospects? [Read more…]

How I Went from Failure to Success

[In this article you will learn about a simple and powerful three-step process that will make all your advertising more effective in the future, and you will discover how to begin thinking about Automatic Selling Systems and how you might specifically transform your sales and your life.]


Hi, this is Arthur Cronos, with Voltos Automatic Selling Systems.

Many years ago, I got fed up with working for other folks. My thinking was kind of dumb-simple, but it was along the lines of —

“If I work for someone else, then the money he takes in goes to me and also to him. But if I work just for myself then all the money goes to me.”

That’s not much of a plan, but that was the plan I had.

After some analysis, I decided to start a bookkeeping business, and you can read the (somewhat silly) story about that here: Adventures of Bloggard: The Simple Simon Bookkeeping Business

But how well did it work?
[Read more…]

The R-4 Business Growth Model

As briefly described in an earlier article, the R-4 Business Growth model satisfies the condition of the Third Secret Key to Successful Marketing, which states:

It is supremely useful to have a simple and powerful business growth model, which you can use to map out what needs to be done.

(It is called the ‘R-4’ system purely as a memory aid, because each of the levels is labeled with a word beginning with the letter ‘R,’ as in R-eputation, R-each, R-esell, and R-eferral.)

A pyramid with four levels

By improving any one of these four levels, annual income improvements of 25% become possible. And improving more than one of these levels has a compounding effect.

It is graphed as a pyramid because you must have a strong lowest level, because upon that base the higher levels can be based. The lowest, most basic level is “R-eputation.”

Here’s how it works … [Read more…]

The Third Secret Key to Successful Sales

Secret key number three is that …

It is supremely helpful to possess a simple and powerful business role model, in order to map out what needs to be done.

(And from this simple model, we can engineer Automatic Selling Systems that exactly fit your business and your customers.)

The “R-4” Business Growth Model

This business growth model, consisting of four levels, is a graph providing an overview of what needs to be done. And therefore,it is supremely useful because it allows us to map out what needs to be done.

And how does it work? [Read more…]

The Second Secret Key to Successful Sales

There are three secret keys to successful sales and marketing. The first secret key is that the most basic element to increasing sales is to increase the number of interactions with the prospect.

Secret Key Number Two

There is not enough time in the day to chat endlessly with prospects or to chase them. After all, you have a business to run. This takes time. And your existing clients deserve your very best attention, right?

So how do you increase the number of interactions with new prospects, without wasting a lot of time, and without abandoning your existing clients, and without neglecting the running of your business?

The answer: [Read more…]

The First Secret Key to Successful Sales

There are three secret keys to successful marketing and selling.

The three secret keys are the same whether you are selling online or selling “offline” (in the real world).

Secret Key Number One

Successful marketing in today’s world starts with a simple concept of “multi–touch marketing.”

Although it is frequently overlooked, the very most basic element to increasing sales is to increase the number of interactions with the prospect.

And the reason that this makes sense is is that people like to buy from people they know, like, and trust. Take just a moment, and check inside yourself, and ask yourself: is this true? Is it true that people like to buy from people they know, like, and trust?

If you agree that this is so, then it stands to reason that if you wish to sell something to somebody that a good place to start would be to enable them to begin to know you. In other words, don’t be a stranger.

How to not be a stranger? [Read more…]