Clients’ Praise

– Dennis Briskin, author, http://thefaceofiran.com

“A quick note to tell you just how grateful I am to you for basically saving my web career! Jumping on my problem so quickly and so deftly means everything to me. And your sense of humor sure helped at a time when I was feeling desperate! I am definitely a cheerleader for you and all that you do. Thank you again, from the very bottom of my heart!”
– Fran Kennedy, http://burstwebmarketing.com, Lexington, MA


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“You’ve brought to life the concept in my mind and created the exact look and feel I wanted. I get compliments all the time on my website, and it attracts clients! I’m so thankful for your vision and talent.”
– Layla Flower, http://thebossynutritionist.com

– Keerthy Sunder, M.D., psychiatrist, http://mbtrins.com

“Over thirty-three years I’ve had Arthur Cronos help me with websites, brochures, slogans and taglines, letters and emails. Tweaking the wording till it’s just right. When I need help with copywriting, Arthur Cronos is my first choice. He’s never let me down.”
– Bob Christoph, http://typofinders.com

– Margaret Cable, restauranteur, http://dosgeckos.com

“This [text-marketing] project is making me fall in love with my business again!”
– Suzzanne Mendenhall, The Coffee Brake, Mt. Shasta

“This [text-marketing] is so cutting-edge!”
– Renee Getreau, Assistant Program Director at JEDI, http://e-jedi.org

“In our first [text-marketing] drawing, the winner came in with a big smile saying, ‘I won! I won!’ She was so happy. I love that.”
– Debra Punt, http://alpineoriginals.com


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“Once again, you have exceeded my expectations! I am very, very happy. Thank you very much!”
– Dennis Briskin, author, http://thefaceofiran.com

“Thank you for the awesome profit mapping session! I am now able to see myself, and my business clearly as a result. I really appreciate the simplicity with which you convey your ideas. Real profit now feels within reach!”
– Jill Gardner, dailyflowerreport.com

“You skillfully consulted on web design and good business practices for a superior online presence; you fulfilled your promise. When people ask me how I developed my stunning, professional website, I tell them it wasn’t me. It was Arthur.”
– Dennis Briskin, http://catalystcreative.us.


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