The Third Secret Key to Successful Sales

Secret key number three is that …

It is supremely helpful to possess a simple and powerful business role model, in order to map out what needs to be done.

(And from this simple model, we can engineer Automatic Selling Systems that exactly fit your business and your customers.)

The “R-4” Business Growth Model

This business growth model, consisting of four levels, is a graph providing an overview of what needs to be done. And therefore,it is supremely useful because it allows us to map out what needs to be done.

And how does it work?

One starts at the lowest level of the pyramid, in effect building the base of the structure. Because in fact it is upon the lowest level of the pyramid that the remaining levels can be constructed. If the lowest level is not sound and secure, one cannot build the succeeding, higher levels of the pyramid.

R-eputation, the first level

If your reputation is not sound, that is to say, if people do not have a good reason or feeling that they should trust you, then you’re not in a good position to make sales, which is the main thrust of the activities at the next higher level.

R-each, the second level

“If you wish to grow, more people must hear about you today that heard about you yesterday.”

You extend your reach out into the universe to find new prospects, using all the online and traditional methods of advertising.

And you extend your reach out into the universe to communicate repeatedly with your existing prospects and customers.

The more you extend your reach, the more people will hear about you, and the more people will think about you, and your opportunities to create selling opportunities begin to multiply.

R-esell, the third level

Once you have an existing body of customers, the most profitable thing you can do is to increase the buying of your offering by those existing customers.

You can do this with add-on sales, by raising prices, by creating new and additional offerings, creating larger packages, and by increasing the frequency with which your customers buy.

R-eferral, the fourth level

Once you have a good reputation, you have a good reach out into the universe, and you are maximizing the amount your customers buy, then it’s time to set up an active referral program, and begin to leverage the amazing power of your customers, which is simply this —

Your prospects and customers know a lot of people!

And because your prospects and customers know you, like you, and trust you — the result of Multi-Touch Marketing and automating to increase prospect/customer interactions — you will discover they will be happy to refer you to their friends.

If they’re happy with you, they’re happy to refer, because it follows that their friends will be happy, too.

Everybody wins. Especially you.

Multi-Touch Marketing, it’s a wonderful thing.

The Usefulness of the R-4 Business Growth Model

Secret Key Number Three is that it is supremely useful to have a simple and powerful Business Growth Model by which it becomes possible to map out what needs to be done.

The R-4 Business Growth model makes this possible.

Our catchy name? It’s just a memory aid, to help you remember the four levels:  R-eputation, R-each, R-esell, and R-eferral.

To learn more about the R-4 Business Growth Model, and how we might use this model to engineer Automatic Selling Systems which are a perfect fit for your company and your customers, let’s have a talk, if you wish. You can Contact Us Here.


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