Sex, Drugs, Rock&Roll, and Television … and Video Advertisements

Medford, Oregon, September 11, 2014 — Back in my hippie days, I copied my cooler peers, as we all said “Sex, Drugs, and Rock&Roll,” as if this was really funny. Actually, I didn’t even like Rock&Roll that much, but you know how we young folks copy our friends.

Turns out, Sex, Drugs, and Rock&Roll all have something in common. They all release the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. Some people say it’s a “pleasure” transmitter, but it’s not quite that simple. It sort of wakes us up, and it’s an important part of how our bodies and minds function.

And you know what else releases dopamine? Eating. And Video Games and Television.


Here we see the most “natural” activities which trigger dopamine release. As you can see, eating or sex trigger large spikes in dopamine, which creates a mild “high.” Some of the feelings of satisfaction you have experienced … Some of these feelings you experienced were produced by increased levels of dopamine.

Sex triggers approximately double the increase as eating, and drugs take it even further with cocaine tripling the spike caused by sex, and meth-amphetamine creating an over ten times larger dopamine spike than does sex.

Video Games, Movies, Television

Even gazing into a campfire or a fireplace, watching the flickering light, triggers dopamine release. And so does watching the flickering lights of Video Games, Movies, and Television.

All of these substances and activities “reward” the human, thus fixating the human’s attention. And this experience “conditions” the human to repeat the experience, almost automatically, in the future..

The Power of Video Advertising

Let us ask the question: What is the most powerful advertising medium?

The answer is: Video Advertisements.

  1. Not only does a video advertisement arrive into consciousness via multiple sensory channels, with flickering light, images, sound, associations, and emotions …
  2. But the video advertisement also triggers a pleasant release of dopamine.
  3. Moreover, most of us have experienced 15 to 50 years of conditioning, which draws our eyes automatically and unconsciously to watch that video.

Done right, we cannot look away.

Video Ads are the Most Powerful Ads


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Research Credit — thanks to GamerTherapist and Sid Savera blogs for additional materials; Both have expanded articles on this subject if you want to know more about how dopamine works.

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